3 Phase AVR (3kVA-15kVA)


3 Phase AVR (3kVA-15kVA)

Product Name: 3 Phase AVR (3kVA-15kVA)



3 Phase AVR (3kVA-15kVA)



A voltage regulator /Stabilizer designed to automatically maintain a constant voltage level; Single/three phase compensated voltage stabilizer is a contact adjustable automatic voltage compensation high power regulating power device. When voltage from support network is varied due to loading current effected, it automatically regulates the output voltage to ensure the normal function of the varied of electrical & electronic equipments

This series can be widely used in industry, agriculture, transportation, post and telecommunications, military, railway, scientific, cultural and other fields of printing equipment, metal processing equipment, production lines, engineering equipment, elevators, medical equipment, computer room, computer control equipment, embroidery, textile equipment, air conditioning, radio and television, hotel and household appliances lighting need to be regulated

Main Features

  • Large capacity, high precision
  • Adopted compensate voltage technology
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Over voltage protection
  • Output voltage three phase auto-balance (individual control)
  • With bypass system